Recovering springs for a more sustainable future

Caring for the environment has always been one of the priorities of the cooperative movement. Regardless of the branch, cooperative organizations base their work on social responsibility and sustainability.

In the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, Sicredi Sul MT rolled up its sleeves to recover and protect, within a year, 12 springs that flow into the tributary rivers of the city of Cuiabá. To this end, the cooperative has invested in the reforestation of the permanent protection areas near the water sources and in the isolation of these areas with fences.

About 60 employees volunteered at the beginning of the project. Seeing the impact of this action in the community, the number quickly grew to more than 150 people, who dedicate one Saturday a month to take care of the environment. And it is worth noting: if the region’s springs continue to be silted up, there would be a significant reduction in the flow of water, making this resource scarce or even unsuitable for human consumption. With the water course being redirected to the basin, the amount of water is greater, which improves the supply in the region as a whole.

The cooperative’s actions put into practice the seventh cooperative principle of concern for the community: all the inhabitants of the state are benefited by the environmental actions developed, witnessing a significant improvement in the quality and availability of water. In addition, the participation of the volunteer families favors the environmental education of the young people and children of the region.