When even the sun helps

With an innovative solution, Sicredi Centro-Oeste Paulista showed how cooperatives can find viable solutions – both economically and environmentally – to everyday problems.

The cooperative wanted to reduce the cost of its branches’ electricity bills, which averaged R$1,900 per month. For this, it decided to invest in a sustainable solution, installing photovoltaic panels in its branches. Since then, each of them has become a micro solar energy generation plant.

The result was fast: a reduction of up to 95% in monthly electricity bills. In addition, the cooperative started to produce clean energy and contribute to the environment by reducing CO² emissions, responsible for about 60% of the greenhouse gas effect.

So far, Sicredi Centro-Oeste Paulista estimates an average saving of R$20,000 per month, with a reduction of 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide gas over an accumulated three-month period.


The solar energy generation project at this Sicredi unit has also brought results for the community and its members.

As for the cooperative members, the gain was financial. With the reduction of electric energy costs, the cooperative has a higher result which, at the end of the year, returns to the members in the distribution of the cooperative’s surplus.

The employees were also benefited, since the economy generated by the photovoltaic panels reduces administrative expenses, improving the team’s variable remuneration.

It is worth noting: with this project, Sicredi Centro-Oeste Paulista has managed to position itself at the forefront of the market for clean and sustainable energy generation.
Since the program started, the branches have become self-sufficient in power generation and the Cooperative has recorded real gains for members and employees. A three-point shot from the cooperative movement! The planet, of course, appreciates it.