Floresta+ Comunidade will pay communities that preserve the environment

Sistema OCB collaborated in the preparation of the public notice for the project. Project submissions open until June 3 

The Ministry of the Environment (MMA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) published the 2022 edition of the public notice for the Forest+Community Project. The OCB System collaborated in editing the document, which will have international resources from the Green Climate Fund. 

The project aims to financially reward innovation actions focused on sustainable development, such as the protection and recovery of the forest with acts that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the plan’s strategy, payment for environmental services will be made until 2026. 

“We at the OCB System fought hard to create the Legal Framework for Payments for Environmental Services in Brazil. Floresta+Comunidades aims precisely at implementing this payment policy by the Federal Government. We understand that financial compensation for actions carried out by cooperatives, communities and citizens that protect environmental assets is fundamental for the protection, preservation and recovery of the environment”, says President Márcio Lopes de Freitas.  

The public notice sets a deadline until June 3 for indigenous peoples, traditional communities, small rural producers and family farmers (including those organized in cooperatives) residing in the states of the Legal Amazon to present their projects aimed at environmental management and preservation or recovery of collective territories. Those selected will receive a financial incentive for the conservation of native vegetation, after verification and compliance with the criteria set out in the public notice. 

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